• Bonnefanten

Exile on Main Street

Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht

July 25, 2009

Exile on Main St. is the title of an exhibition of American art. Ever since the sixties, it has had connotations of sensationalism and commercialism. Pop Art, in particular, appears to fit this image and has lent a great deal of weight to the term ‘mainstream’.
Yet an opposing force of artists emerged who presented themselves as “artists’ artists” rather than mediagenic darlings of the market and the art trade. Within this headstrong, very soloist group of artists, a figurative tendency in painting manifested itself, which took less notice of the official rules of the game.

The 9 artists in the exhibition are: Richard Artschwager, William Copley, Steve Gianakos, Alfred Jensen, Peter Saul, John Tweddle, John Wesley, HC Westermann and Joe Zucker.

The images were made with an old phone.
Sorry for the bad quality (but it was fun!).